Sunday, October 31, 2010

Any God Will Do

The air spins with dust and something else-
I can’t place the smell but it is a lot like hatred.
Silhouettes of people running are cast against a grey blur
as fire does its mad dance on top of buildings
with its flames licking up hungrily at the sky - not satisfied
until the entire sky bursts into flames.

On the road, next to a bench breathing orange,
a child sits confused as it stares at a pile of grey filmed flowers,
while the flower-seller wails a street away – praying
for a miracle. Anything, she says. Any God will do.
Her voice is lost in the air ignited by dynamite cries,
but somebody, somewhere must have heard her because
the child looks up in surprise at the sudden cold touch
of a drop of water as it gently. Falls.

(A poem written ages ago based on the communal riots in Gujarat )


Mukund said...

I generally look at most poetry as literary gimmicks - but this one is really good, kiddo - dramatic even.

You are a natural (considering you haven't read a single Neruda ;). If you are looking to publish poetry, I would suggest you knock a few words around for meter though.

Hemamalini said...

You know, Mukund, i really don't think poetry through, it just happens - so am quite wary of tampering it later and giving it away for consumption.

Anyways, i am following your suggestions for prose. i mutilate and market it mercilessly :P

Anonymous said...

I think I am proud to say I don't understand any poetry but yours. :) Nice work!

Hemamalini said...

@ Jayen.. I think I am proud to hear it too :)