Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mars Attack

Am back in Malaysia after three years and I must say that I still appreciate its glamour, flavour and chutzpah. But, something else has not changed as well. Not sure if it is racism, or gender discrimination though I think it is mostly the latter. Be it the cab driver who asks why a girl travelling by herself needs to be dropped at a fancy hotel at midnight, or the guys who catcall on the road kerb - you don't even have to look to find them.

I sure didn't go looking when I entered a shiny new hair salon inside the Petronas Towers, fairly excited about sporting a new look. To my absolute surprise, I found a hairdresser who had been rather obnoxious to me three years back, in a positively different salon (yes, I have the memory for unwanted facts such as this and you can also ask me the names of the polar bears in the zoo in Germany) . What is the probability that amongst the eight people in the salon, this exact same one had to attend on me ? Well, the mathematical amongst you can say one by eighth, but I just found that as disappointing as finding brussel sprouts on my plate after ordering a slice of chocolate cake. Hoping that my memory was misplaced, I took my seat. Only to realise that his creepiness hadn't changed one bit. As he started talking, I watched in the mirror as he slowly morphed into a centipede and started crawling over my toes. I couldn't squash him, so I asked him to be more polite, in the politest way as possible as I could see that he was chopping away at my tresses and I really didn't want to end up with a mop on my head.

While paying my megabucks for being treated badly, instead of walking away, I told the lady at the counter that the guy, Sam as he calls himself was downright rude and that I was never coming back again. This woman, in fact surprisingly looked like she was waiting for exactly this opportunity, jumped into action by bringing out the owner and Sam. I looked at him level in the eye and told him something which I don't really remember , like the speeches you give on stage , mostly powered by adrenalin. Instead of applause at the end of the speech, however, he gives back a retort of how he wasn't paid for being nice - in other words the verbal equivalent of the middle finger. Raising my eyebrows triumphantly at the owner to prove that I had made my point, I walked away, as I heard arguments erupt behind me.

What is it that makes some men think they can get away with treating women however they want? I can start the answer by saying that it is because they almost always get away with it.


kray said...

oh boy! sorry to hear that :( hope the rest of the trip went well? (or goes well? when do u get back home?)

Hemamalini said...

Hey, had written on the spur of the moment. Trip was good - met up with old cronies, shopped, dined at the stinky plaza :), and altogether had an awesome time.

Sean Mulligan said...

I'm relatively new to blogging, and trying to spread word of my own by commenting on other blogs. I had to go through six different blogs before I found one where the subject matter wasn't something along the lines of, "I've been dying from so-and-so disease since..." so your hair dresser story served as an oasis in one desperately depressing desert. Glad you got to speak your mind to the offensive chap. Please check out my blog, though I am like a million percent sure you won't find it funny:

オテモヤン said...


CJ said...

oops - i feel the anger! :) good that the trip turned out to be fun tho... i kinda liked KL when i was there!

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

they say that there r three people who u shud not get into a tiff with - ur doctor, ur cook and ur barber (yeah the wife bit goes without saying :p) :D

but u shud have jus given the guy a whack on his hollow head...

Hemamalini said...

@ Sean.. Thanks :) well, it is still kind of a self-indulging post, thinking of it..

@ CJ.. Oh, I really, really like KL- its dodgy taxi drivers and salon(ist?) notwithstanding :)

@ Neelam.. and lawyer? ;) Hehe, i can get all Tomb-raider and whack a heap of men on their heads with a cudgel, but, erm.. i am not really into prison tourism you see :))

Anu said...

Whoa! Good for you, babe. So glad you didn't let this pass!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you complained to the management, but i'm puzzled...why didn't you ask for another stylist/get up and leave?