Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rain Wash

There is something about this city that embraces the pouring rain. In the way the leaf drips water like the sweating glass of chilled wine. In the way the water breaks into indigo ripples of applause as a brightly painted bike passes through. In the way the school kids play lets-paint-each-other-brown. In the way the little tea shop makes takeaway packs of steaming vadais packed in the day's newspaper. In the way the clouds roll over, smirking at the power they have over the tired wet clothes dangling from plastic clips.

In the way the little drop gets clasped in my hand, with the intimacy of two pages in a closed book.


Anu said...

Oooooooh!!! Smirking clouds! LOVE them :D Wicked!

Hemamalini said...

HeHe:D They have now become all puffed up and bursting hearing your compliment ;)

CJ said...


1. the little tea stall at my junction that sold those evening vadais in newspapers even though it used to POUR

2. absolutely everyone at home running for the terrace to pick up those "almost dried" clothes as soon as the rain hit the roof


Hemamalini said...

@Chandy.. loved reading your comment, especially the 'almost dried':)
Another image i noticed today was of people running around with plastic covers on their heads!