Thursday, November 02, 2006


Abhay’s mind was hazier than the cloud of smoke emanating from his cigarette. He touched his shirt drenched with alcohol. And as his hand moved across his purse, it was empty. But emptier was his heart beneath.

He picked up his phone, and made a decision, fueled by alcohol, that the woman he was going to call now was going to be the woman in his life.
No more of the how-are-you-take-care conversations. He wanted the missing-you-by-my-bedside ones.

First name sprung up. Asha. The girl with the short hair, the colour of which changed every week. Was pretty adventurous in a wild sort of way. Who would probably burn a hole with her cigarette through my pocket as well. Next one please…

Dharini. Doe like eyes with childish innocence. But who wouldn’t know the difference between Kulfi and Kafka. Who would probably sing me to sleep. Not interesting. Not interested.

Prerna. Ah! Yes. Took her number in a party where she was the hottest thing on the floor. Would probably not remember me at all. Worth a try. As long as her hefty boyfriend is not around’...

Tanvi.. Total fool. Gets nervous over cockroaches and happily goes bungee jumping the next day. Beats me in arguments , or else literally beats me. Otherwise, swears like a truck driver. And could always make me roll with laughter. And when she laughs, there is that mischievous twinkle in her eyes and impish dimple .... He picked the phone to dial, and then killed the call.

Because, she had called him her best friend.


Anonymous said...

tch tch... tch tch! tch tch?

aha... just saw the page an hour back... no new posts... and now.. haha!

good one!

~Bratman :)

Hemamalini said...

@Bratman..Hmmm..'Timely' post?:D

Aishwarya Rao said...

Tanvi called him her best friend coz she is engaged to be married and shez so chicken she cant convince parents to stop the wedding. So Tanvi will compromise. And call abhay her best friend.
Welcome to the world of losers!

Hemamalini said...

@rao..Interesting.I was wondering if both of them were losers not to confront each other!

Aishwarya Rao said...

No hema,

Both of them have confronted it. But Tanvi is so fucking chicken, that she would rather marry the guy shes fixed up wid and end up calling abhay her best friend.

Sriram P said...

I am as confused as Confuscius.. Is it a puzzle to be solved or some story from a movie or just one of those stories u just made up?? I am completely missing the plot and history behind this story.. Is it just me or ??
and then question arises, Can a Man and Woman be Best friends, Unless there was no possibility of Romance between them?

Hemamalini said...

@Rao..Could be. need to ask Tanvi though;)

@Sriram.. disclaimer. totally made up story:D..that is a tough question to answer and I have always thought nobody knows. But I believe possibilities exist.Maybe not;)

Pon NIrmal Kumar N said...

First time to ur blog!
stumbled frm bg's blog.

Nice plot!!!

Its pretty normal ...these things do happen most of the times..calling a guy best friend.

May be after years Tanvi might realise Abhay might have been the right guy if her husband dint treat her that well..

@sriram p
Yes a man and woman can be real best frinds even without any romance. Frindship turing into love happens..
But the real beauty is Frindship staying as frndship

Sriram P said...

@Pon: Depends my friend.. Not neccessarily in all cases.. If there was even a tiny possibility that they could be involved or atleast one of them thinks so, then it is no longer the same kind of friendship though u may pretend it is... well.. thats my take.. you may disagree.. thats fine by me..