Monday, November 13, 2006

Of Sunrises..

In the ocean, I love watching the sun rise slowly out of the sea. The way the sun peeps out demurely from behind a water screen. The way the sun then exudes its brilliance with flourish, reminding me of the way a peacock unfurls its feathers before a rain dance.

Having left the ocean behind for a while, I was catching up on sleep after thirty hours in a plane. In the midst of my deep sleep, when I opened my eyes mildly, a surreal sight out of the window took me by surprise. The sun beginning to blaze the sky.

Felt like stepping out barefoot on the fluffy clouds and walking gingerly towards the alluring shades of red, orange and pink, mocking me from a distance.

Mocking me to come and explore the unknown. To feel and believe in the magical.


m said...

You actually took the camera out of its cover and then, clicked a snap in the middle of your sleep?I bet the sight, in real, must have been quite something!

Hemamalini said...

@m..Yes. It was fabulous.Thought i was dreaming for a while. Sadly the snap is blotched by the droplets in the window:|..

Anil said...

tatz an awesome one!! especially the phenomenon of sunset or sunrise is exotic!! u cant express the beauty gotto feel it!!