Friday, September 08, 2006

Quirky Characters

I am not referring to the elbow push to your benchmate to ask him to give you more space in class.
Infact, this shift is the key way of emoting these days. A yahoo messenger and a keyboard later, a wide toothed, donkey like grin becomes mentally mapped as :D and any sarcastic comment seems incomplete without a :P tail at the end.

But somehow, it makes long distance conversation more colourful. The way a >:D< feels like a cosy blanket and a =)) makes you crack up with laughter at something that happened thousands of miles away.

However, I take this opportunity to say that, if I have offended anybody in my lack of manners during online conversations, I am truly sorry...

No, I am truly sorry :P


kray said...

=))))))) / *ROTFLMAO*

trouble is, unlike my face, these smileys don't adapt themselves to hyper-versions of the standard expressions :| wouldn't it be nice? intelligent smileys?! that understand exactly what you feel and bubble up into a suitable blob of eyes nose n teeth :D

Hemamalini said...

That would be extremely funny!Even more, if the blob of eyes, nose and teeth look like the person:D

Also, if the smileys are that emotion -intelligent,'A very happy for you' text could very well be followed by a green,sad faced blob:))

KS said...

Sometimes , i cant even imagine how the world would hav been before ym! esply when im alone..
btw, i spotted you looking cute in pink kurta and short crop and ,chatting up with the peanut seller:P

m said...

wohmaaaan.get well sooon..

kray said...

y? wat happened to u?!! ref: above comment.

Hemamalini said...

@ks..yeah, long live ym!

@m, hopefully..[touched by ur phone call from far, far away:)]

@krey..wierd fever.

Anonymous said...

brilliant! related to it like crazy.. maybe a lil too much :D