Monday, September 18, 2006

Perth Landing

I can feel this city responding to me. The way the old gentleman on the street smiles benevolently at me when I am trying to screw my eyes and look at the dialing instructions on the payphone. The way the receptionist grins when I need to strain my neck to just look at her in the face when she stands up. And the way the friendly woman in the supermarket asks me if I would like some Indian banana chips available, which makes me choke and sputter on the juice that I am drinking.

And invariably, when I land up in a new city, the first thing that grips me is, hunger. And as I bumped into the first burger joint that came up my way, I jostled for a sitting space. In a minute I had company, in the form of a cowboy- hat wearing teenager who immediately started talking to no one in particular, that his life sucks. And it took me the end of my meal to realize that the no one in particular was me. I was quite amused when he looked at my leftover French fries with disdain and when I stood up to leave, happily tucked them in as well.

And there is this nip in the air, which makes one feel generally happy about the glorious weather. And having slept fitfully throughout the evening, I found myself wide awake at three in the morning today. And I made myself a hot cup of coffee and thought about a lot of things and yet, nothing in particular. As I opened the French windows of my apartment, with mild curiosity, I was surprised to see an active godown. Spent sometime watching men transfer stuff between trucks, while my coffee puffed.

I have grown up enough not to feel excited about my prospective stay in Perth, but can’t help feeling expectant about the days to come -about the facts that I have to eke out a social life anew, maybe start cooking the basic way, walk around a lot and ofcourse, the other unexpected things that life always decides to throw up.


Sriram P said...

sailing again or office rotation? I thought u worked out of KL DP center? Now to Perth DP center? I met a Desi from Bombay who was going to Perth for DP, who came here for DP Start.. so been on an outback tour yet?

LP said...

Hema!!WHat are you doin in perth?studying?..It has been 5 yrs since I saw you as the first year kid!! The last I heard of you was that you had directed a kick ass mime and also that you had put on weight:P

Hemamalini said...

@sriram..Office in Perth..I cant see any desis around here, maybe I need to look tours nowhere..Havent even been to the Park nearby:|

LPaaaaji!!how is the you?!im working in your 'company' only:P with WG though..The last I heard of you was that you were in Egypt(you must be what, married with 2 kids in tow?:))

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

hey hems....jus read all the posts on this page......been long !!!!!!
awesome stuff i say.....simply loved "Pearls" !!!:)
n well....i hope u remember to get me a kangaroo the next time u come home.....haffun in Perth....:)

Hemamalini said...

@neelam..It is good to see you back in blogosphere:D how are you feelin now?..
thankuu:) and there are so many kangaroos volunteering here to meet you, that I dont know which one to pick.ha;)