Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fevered Chants

Falling sick, in a strange way, makes you count your blessings of things that you normally take for granted. The cushion of family and friends for one, who can't stop your fall, but make sure you land on soft ground. And being insomniac now, makes me look back in nostalgia, at the times when I used to plonk off to sleep at my whim. And most importantly, you can't help, but feel lucky, when you are recovering with the help of medicines when other people are declared dead in this epidemic due to the lack of them. However bad the ache,however it affects my immediate life, there is comfort in the fact that I have been spared the worst.


kray said...

okay, now that sounds genuinely scary

Hemamalini said...

I am fine now. totally:)