Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The dark , starry black velvet called the night sky makes my canvas to paint my thoughts everyday. The bright, twinkling happy stars shining over the deep, dark, foreboding ocean. The thin difference between happiness and sadness. Between yesterday and today. Between existing and not existing.

Of lives that were once vibrant, living people who loved and cared for me, and now existing as photographs on the wall. Leaving a their-shaped hole in my heart. Leaving me without the person who used to wait hours before my school, just in case school got over early. Without the person who would cry before I did, if I got hurt, unable to see me in pain. Without the person who would cook a four-course meal for a ten year old. Without the people who selflessly sacrificed their lives, and wove it around me. It stings my eyes to admit that I do not think of them often enough, than I would care to admit.

What if, suddenly, I get lost in the darkness of the deep ocean. For a while, people immediately around me would wonder, mourn for a while and then move on. Move on with the banalities , comedies and happenings of everyday life. As if i never existed.To whom will my existence really matter? Have I touched enough lives who would carry a hole in their heart, like I have some, in mine?

And in the end, how many days have I lived, than merely existed?
As if in answer, a bright streak of silver sliver streaked across the moon, exploding into a dazzling display of heavenly fireworks. And for once, I did not wish over a shooting star. I was glad and intoxicated by the simple fact that I live.


Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

u can count a 'you' shaped hole in my life hems....:)

kray said...

y the dark thoughts?

ps. big phone bills are a good thing, I've realized lately :)

Sriram P said...
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Hemamalini said...

@neelam..I know i could count on you, neelam*hugs*..

@kray..i have incredibly, never checked them:)

@sriram..no man..just passing thoughts.yes.looking at the aurora borealis is a very good idea. hope it shows up when i land in oslo:)
im at home now.only lord labakudhas can sing my praise:)