Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Man on the Bicycle

Had an evening to myself and decided to explore the neighbourhood bookstore. And my exploration led to my discovery of a whole new world in the Japanese poetic marvels of haiku, tanka and renga( these, i discerned as types of japanese poetry). I was caught laughing aloud over one of those haikus by an old Japanese gentleman ,who was searching for haikus by a certain Basho. This led to a delightful conversation with him, who gave his words of wisdom - ' Reading a haiku is like entering a room containing many doors. The possibilities are numerous, and the journey it leads you through is entirely what your mind interprets'. And I couldn't resist his enthusiastic advice of buying the 'Haiku Handbook'. And so armed with it, I returned home. And tried my hand at writing one. Forgive my mixing of syllables and pentametres, for isn't everything fair in love and poetry?

The Man On the Bicycle

The bright,shapeless sunlight
casts his shadow
two black circles and a square

His back is breaking
but all the eggs in his basket
are safe

He reaches the crossroads
of a two-sided path
of one sided love

The cackling wind cheers him
faster he goes and stops
to find himself alone

next to a withered lavender
whose height is less
but standing, nevertheless.


Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

a poetess is always a poetess...need i say more ? :)

Hemamalini said...

@neelam..nice to see my most regular commentator(:D) back!!and the best thing is, one doesn't need to even try to rhyme the verses:)

sanjeev said...
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Sriram P said...

Hey, did you read my comments to yours on my blog??

btw.. nice poem.. but poem without a rhyme doesnt appeal to me.. but I am neither a poet nor a very poem person.. :)

Anonymous said...

i don't know what i feel about this...i know it's good...but i wish i could understand it and feel it...

Hemamalini said...

@sriram..yes:) i was amused cos i was detached from both the teams :)
yes,poems are sometimes difficult to deal with..

@jay..:)i will tell you what was on my mind when I wrote it.. I looked at each verse as a stand-alone.. ah well!I will continue this discussion online jayen..

Sriram P said...

What about Blog Manners?? You dont visit someone's blog and not leave a comment.. :-0).. and comments to comments.. now.. they are the most important... :-)

Hemamalini said...

@sriram. shall plead guilty as charged. I have no Manners:P.or well, "blog manners" as you call it..:)

Sriram P said...

Are you still amused by the football fever?? check out your email... I should have posted that long back even before start of the world cup.. but now since you ve not understood the true emotions of football fans, you may as well read and get some pointers for the next football event or any big sporting for that matter... :-o)