Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Three a.m Thoughts

I closed my eyes and I could see within..
Little soldiers with pointed spears trying to prise open the inside of my head. They march along the bridge of my nose, crossing the river of Sleep, and throwing boulders which splash the calm waters. Some of them gallop on horses, along the ridges of my brain, with the hooves creating a dust storm of haziness.

As the icy caves melt in the warmth of their torches, I can feel the heat on my skin.

But,try as I might, I can't see the enemy. Whom are they engaging this vicious battle against?

Alright.Simpler terms. I have a headache.


Sriram P said...

Jeez.. i didnt know there was so much behind a headache.. So let me try to understand, esp. for the sake of pill poppers, what exactly happens when you take the pill for a headache?? These little solderis become lilliputan and boulders become paper rocks?? As I see it all seems to be a like Rock-Papaer-Scissors game ... very bad analogy from my part to a nice post of yours :).. Pardon'

kray said...

Aww :) try sleeping in regular cycles :P

or put proper nightouts and dont sleep in the day, there's no way u'd be nething but sleeping like a log at 3 am next morning :P

Hemamalini said...

@sriram..I did not take headache pills, though..I figure if I had, the soldiers and rocks would have undergone a disapparation spell:D

@kray..:DI put proper night out the day before, did not sleep in the next day until 8 pm and then woke up at 3:))

Sriram P said...

whats the point in disapparation?? they can always apparate back right.. maybe u need a charm to keep them out permanently.. or bettr yet u just need to be charmed so that u dont get a headache at all... PJ again.. :)
and oh.. I may have my FAST late aug.. on Diamond in NS.. not confirmed yet... did u guys do 5 day BOSIET or 3 day BOSIET??

Hemamalini said...

yes. need an avada kedavra:P we had it for 3 days man..North Sea...have fun.u can almost swim up there..