Thursday, May 04, 2006

Midnight Carnival

This was something which happened a couple of days back, and is one of those things you never forget in a lifetime.

The night was inky and I could spot two lithe creatures swimming in the ocean. They were a couple of dolphins and they were soon joined by nearly a dozen of them-circling, playing and flippantly flipping in the water. And then there were those seagulls, artistically mastering their flight and sitting in the water in neat formations, which kept changing in sync, as if somebody had a master remote control over them. Then there was a crab which was waving its hand enthusiastically while swimming. With the flyish fish adding to the zestful atmosphere , it almost looked an underwater festival.And just like such scenes should be, the sinister touch was provided by the lone shark, with its dorsal fin poised ready for attack.

Me and a friend got distracted enough from our work and tried to check the theory if whistling attracted dolphins. Named the crab as Webster and a dolphin as Dolby.Then discussed Jonathan Livingston Seagull. And before we knew it, this spectacle vanished as quietly as it had come, leaving behind a couple of dolphins and an idyllic daybreak which left no trace in the waters of the midnight carnival that had been.


Sriram P said...

no photos of dolphin's dance or were they really smart to hide after u took out the camera?? I thought they usually enjoy all the attention they get :)

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said... the other day there a bigtime earthquake happened off the coast of New Zealand !!
Think ur mid-night carnival had something to do with it ?

Hemamalini said... was in the night, man!√°nd i did take some pictures which can be titled - '√ćnvisible Dance in the Dark:D

@neelam.. No neelam, it was more to do with the lighting on the ship's stern and the location...However, when I first saw all this marine life, i also thought i was in the brink of a catastrophe!;)