Thursday, April 06, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

You realise that you have been so involved doing something, that you have no track of the time. You think it must be around three o clock and look at your watch. And it turns out to be exactly three o clock, not a minute more, not a second less.

When you read a book, and it makes you think about a terrain you would never have explored.

From the morning,there is this old, arbit song which has been running in your mind like an athlete practising for the Olympic gold. You enter a shopping mall and they start playing that song and you feel like you have actually won the medal.


kray said...

My gold: bus back from Skoyen, after lassi in little Pakistan :D.

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

the song thing has happened to me quite a lot of times...!! someone up there loves to play the trick on me :))

Hemamalini said...

Roger That:)In the Skoyen Era(:P), I would say my first glimpse of the snowy,lonely, Stairway to Heaven:)

@neelam..I KNOW!you believe its a huge cosmic conspiracy trying to warp you in its favour:D