Sunday, April 23, 2006

Case Pillow

The fluffy, white harmless pillow melts into..
Plopping over a small four poster bed with a friend and snickering over strange dreams ...preening over hairstyles..giggling over nicknames..gossiping about every person on earth..sighing over a crush..chuckling about assignments buried over heated discussions...sheepish grins over mehndi imprints..

Pulling it apart apart at home in a valiant fighting effort to not take bath first..

Long discussions over chips to make the best possible arrangement to view a movie at exactly 175 degrees..which then vanishes the next moment in somebody's new found love for dance..

Have you ever heard of the case of a pillow which makes people smile?


Anonymous said...

Am happy for you( you know the reason better<:D>--and don't delete this comment like always..:P

Hemamalini said...

My dear anon- i have something called as a mail address:P

Sriram P said...

umm.. Pretty Interesting :-D)

Hemamalini said... glad my blog keeps you interested;)

Sriram P said...

I was refering to the comment on top by anon.. Had no connection to the post itself, but seems like it carries some imp. message ;-p).. hence 'interesting'.. and oh btw ... when someone says interesting, it could also mean that word 'interesting' is just a substitute for some other word or any better word, which he couldnt think of... :p)

Hemamalini said...

and here, 'hmmm'is a substitute I have picked from a friend for a better word I couldn't think of:))

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

truly beautiful post hems !!!!
right from ur childhood to those giggly teenage days to slumber parties in hostels...a pillow is a true companion :)

Hemamalini said...

@neelam..I know!! and it evokes all these memories just as flipping a photo album would(ref:ur blog:)