Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Act One

The screen lighted up with the WrongedHero towering like an inferno. He was fuming with so much anger that you could see steam coming out of his ears and nose if you peered more closely.

"What was my fault that you are seeking revenge?" he roars. There is the background music of lions that you generally hear on Discovery Channel.

The charming WrongDoer gives a saint-like smile, " Because.." and pauses..

The tension is nail-biting. Pop corns stop in mid air. The kid sitting nearby forgets to complete her yawn. The air conditioner stops its hum for a second. Cell phones switch themselves off in awe and respect. The ant on the floor inches closer to the screen to hear better.

A vendetta saga and a few handkerchiefs later, a MortalCombat of WrongedHero Vs WrongDoer ensues.

Absolutely no prizes or credit for you if you guessed that our WrongedHero won.

A huge applause for our tired, wronged hero erupts. But now he has transformed into the eye lash batting , doleful smiling dud(e) who clasps the lady rushing in with tears in her eyes and a mike in her throat(who had appropriately disapparated all this while)..

A song and dance routine follows as the curtain closes down on the stunning epic that was..


The Cyborg said...

Isnt it normally the wronged hero who seeks revenge, and not the other way round?

Hemamalini said...

@cyborg..Claimer: All the characters in this story are true and based on a real life movie;)
You would not believe it, but this is really a movie i saw recently:D

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

hey hems...the beginning kinda reminded me abt Zinda...saw the movie lately. absoultely gory..but well taken !!! but there is no damsel-in-distress (or is there???) :p ;)
to know the the playin in the nearest theater !!! (wow..what an ad !!!) :p :p

Hemamalini said...

@neelam..hundred marks for the right movie;)..found it gloriously gory, though!!
you know, that movie comes with a tagline -'you are entering an odyssey of unforeseen torture' or something like that!:D

Anonymous said...

nice...inspired by dts at satyam? by the way, my next story is up - inspired in part by the winter that's chilling my bones over here!!!

Hemamalini said...

@jay..well, let me get a feel of the pilani winter's inspiration:)