Thursday, December 22, 2005

One Rainy Day

A big blue umbrella torn
Paraded the slushy street
A little girl holding on
To her father's little finger
Was enclosed beneath.

Flip-flops splattered
Mud on the rose frocked knees
But the little girl was immersed
In the tale of the moustached king
With jesters and his candy laden trees.

Million points of water peeped in
To listen to the story
And gave the accompanying sounds
Amidst thunder and lightning
For the king's anger and victory.

Thus enraptured,the tall and short pair
Walked in the umbrella's lair
As one big bubble of water-proof warmth.


arun said...

warm poem:) isnt this THE artist of psbb? not many junta hav this name ok:P

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

wow hems...this is one poetry which will bring a lump in every gal's throat !!!! just beautiful....!!!

The Cyborg said...

Nice... good senti stuff...

Hemamalini said...

@arun..thanks!the artist bit was once-upon a time, arun..
by the way, my name could very well mean im a 40 year old bollywood fanatic blogger:P

@neelam..started off as a comedy poem ..,i was myself surprised the way it turned out!..

thanks, cyborg:)

kray said...

ahh... reminds me of a day long long back...

thank you, for another fabulous post :)

Srini said...

Ennai madiri mara mandaikku puriyara madiri English poem. Did you see any such scene in chennai?

btw, how come it started as a comedy poem? doesnt seem so..

Good choice of simple words!

Hemamalini said...

@kray..the pleasure is mine:), it was supposed to be a funny narration and it got lost in between:D..and thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

How do you do it, time and again? 'water-proof warmth' was my favourite part of the poem.

by the way, i've gussed all my other blogs and have begun a new one:

haven't started posting though...

Hemamalini said...

@the vitruvian man..actually mine too.. that i didnt even make the effort to make it rhyme:)

get your parietal lobe functioning and start posting soon;)

Aishwarya Rao said...

Hema, As beautiful as ever.

Hemamalini said...

Thanks a lot, princess:)