Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Meeting with Mr. Hyde

It was the kind of getaway shown in the resort advertisements which I normally drool over. My first visit to this place and I was surprised how similar it is to Chennai. The heat, the auto - haggling, the meandering streets, the roadside shops - it almost looked like a page out of Chennai's map.

The Hussain Sagar lake in the night looks as colourful as sunlight on spilt oil. After boating , we reached the Budha statue in the middle of the lake who was robbed of his peace by visiting tourists. Me and my friend gave the instant photographer there some business. Dinner on the tables spilling over the lake was wonderful, with us looking at the photograph and joking over the kind of conversations that it would envoke some five years henceforth..

The next day turned out to be a piligrimage of all religions starting from the little village we ventured to in the morning to the Charminar and the mosque nearby. The Charminar, however seemed to be sans the charm, though the dazzling bangle shops nearby were quite an eye- closer with their brilliance.

With amazing biryani, movies and conversations thrown in, it was quite a rendezvous with Mr Hyde!


Aishu said...

back from hyd?? give bangalore a chance girl....the city is waiting...and needless to say....so am I!

saranyan said...

looks like you are off-waters for a while now :) take care and enjoy.

Hemamalini said...

@aishu..:)and so am I too..

@saranyan..yes.,am anchored for a while;)and there is nothing next best to doing nothing:D

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

wowie....looks like Mr Hyde didnt show his darker side to u babe !!! :p :p

have been waitin for a chance to visit the city...more so after ur lovely description !!! :))

Hemamalini said...

@neelam.. yeah..,looks like I met only his Dr Jekyll form;)but truly.,it is a wonderful place to visit though I have my doubts about staying there!

Srini said...


I share your views about Hyd. Btw, did you visit the Mahendra Hill Buddha Shrine? It is close to Hussain Sagar.

Hemamalini said...

@srini.. I only met the Budha in the midst of the lake..mahendra hill didnt ring a bell to anyone there also, though..