Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Castles in the Air

I have heard that ambition is like a stone thrown in a lake. It creates a ripple in the mind when it is formed and then slowly dwindles into nothingness as time passes. Leaving behind the calmness of the individual who has come to terms with the inexplicable truths of life.

But what does it take to keep fighting, to keep dreaming, to reach for the stars, to believe in oneself? Are famous people selfish in attaining fame by being selfless? What does it take to bring the castles in the air to ground?

Atleast a person who chases his dreams all his life will have little regrets at the end of it. Like the fish which writhes and gasps till its last breath.He would be the man who thinks he can. Also the man whom lady luck thinks he can.

.......just a thought while cleaning the cobwebs on my castle in the air.


karthik said...

But,the happiest man is the one with the least ambition..hence least expectations...

Anil said...

good analogy about ambition, but the ripples may stay until the ambition is fulfilled.

At first place 'selfishness' coexists with ambition!!

Belief in oneself, insatiable thirst and patience is what it takes to chase a dream n keep the zest intact. At the end of the day do what you enjoy doing!! its one route to accomplish ur ambition :-).

saranyan said...

keep throwing .. thats what you should be doing.

read Abdul Kalam's Wings of Fire, you'll get your answer :)

nice blogging hems, love reading your posts.

Hemamalini said...

@karthik..But a sense of complacency doesnt let you grow..
but there is some truth in what you are ignorance is bliss?

Hemamalini said...

@Anil..thanks for your take on it:)
as for the selfishness part, i was thinking about people like Gandhi and Teresa who were selfless, but still had ambitions and attained fame..

I agree with you about the zest for life..never let the ripples abate..
yes.,enjoy what one is doing but importantly, keep self checking if what you are doing takes you nearer to your goals..

Hemamalini said...

@saranyan..have always meant to read that, but kept postponing.shall do it now that I have the time:)and thanks a ton..

Neelam Prabhu Gaonker said...

"the ripples fading away and coming to terms with life" part was too good hems...n hard-hitting too !!! i think we have had enuf n over discussions over anonymity n fame...!!! :))

i guess...its complacency that makes the ripples fade away in some cases while in others its a matter of duty towards others takin a priority over duty towards ones own self !!!

maybe a ripple is not must raise a storm !!! :p

nd said...

hey hems i guess an ambition can create not just a rippple but strong and mighty waves too...

Anil said...

Yeah Hema...great ppl like Gandhi and Teresa followed 'empathy-altruism'. To an extent more than that. Yes may be there ambition was to be an altruistic and where there is ambition...'self' is compounded to it... is it a paradox? well this is one side of the coin.

Exactly Orientation towards goals must be pursued... :).

It seems u have started to self-check on ur old Castles ;).

demi said...


Depends on how strong the walls of ur castle are and how heavy it is. Lighter ones do tend to hang in the air.

do we really know what Gandhi's and mother Terasa's ambitions were or how they felt after having achieved them. We only know about their pronounced goals. we get to see only one face of the coin. :)

Hemamalini said...

@neelam...,yeah, the duty we are bound to others.and also when we step out from the world of our dreams to the world of reality which can be harsh and difficult, i guess:)which could probably be overcome by your storm!

@nd..yes, reminds me of ambitions with the ferocity of a tsunami;)

@Anil..,Paradox -that was hitting the nail on the head..exactly what i had in mind...
Talking about new and old castles, I somehow have a feeling newer castles are smaller and less grand than the older ones:)

@demi..yes, depends on the strength as well as the distance from you!!..
Their true feelings have been something that has been analysed and talked about, but never known completely- a coin with an unknown dimension?;)